Golden Isles Fund for Trees recently presented the first "Business Award for Tree Presentation"  to Mellow Mushroom for their efforts and dedication to preserving Blanche, a 300+ year old live oak tree that grows inside  the back portion of the restaurant. They built the deck around the tree and installed supports for the branches to allow for continued care and maintenance.   In addition, GIFT secured a copy of the original registration certificate for Blanche from the Louisiana Live Oak Society to present to Mellow Mushroom. Congratulations to Mellow Mushroom.   Pictured from left to right, GIft Founding  Member Jan LeMaster, ISA Certified Arborist, Roger Ditmer, who helps care for the tree, Bo Chambliss, Owner, Jessica Snyder, Director of Operations, Bill Stembler, Owner and Kay Cantrell, GIFT Founding Member. 

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  Golden Isles Fund for Trees presented its second annual Business Award to Monkeywrench Bicycles in recognition of the care taken to protect large Live Oak trees during construction and in the ongoing operation of the business.

Owner Chris Beaufait preserved the Live Oak canopy through creative design measures, such as siting the building back from the street, agreeing to a shared driveway with an adjacent property owner, and the use of permeable materials to allow rain water and air to reach the trees’ roots.  Beaufait’s commitment has paid off in lower utility costs for his business and an aesthetically pleasing storefront that welcomes bicyclists to relax under the shade of two hundred year old Live Oaks.

The Live Oak tree closest to the store has been measured and registered with the Live Oak Society.  With a girth of twelve feet two inches, it has been named the Penny-Farthing Live Oak in honor of the first bicycle.  The Penny-Farthing is the 186th Live Oak tree registered in Glynn County.

Pictured left to right: Nan Marie O’Hara & Mike Kellar, GIFT, Chris Beaufait, Sandy Turbidy, GIFT.

Pictured left to right: Nan Marie O’Hara & Mike Kellar, GIFT, Chris Beaufait, Sandy Turbidy, GIFT.

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First Business Award for Tree Preservation

Monkeywrench Receives GIFT 2nd Annual Award