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Arborist panel​​- Jerry Holcomb, Michael Palvis, Mark McClellen, Roger Ditmer and Don Gardner


Mark McClellen and Jerry Holcomb measure the Neptune Tree as Nan Marie O'Hara waits to record the measurement.


Tree Risk Seminar: Caring for Our Coastal Tree Canopy

Following the tree measuring event, Marshes of Glynn Libraries and GIFT sponsored "Caring for Our Coastal Tree Canopy”, a seminar dedicated to discussions of tree risk, care and maintenance.  The five arborists each addressed topics related to caring for trees and the importance of trees to the Golden Isles. Those attending were encouraged to engage an ISA Certified Arborist to inventory their trees and create a tree maintenance plan.

The presenters also discussed the types of trees that grow best in our area and proper pruning practices. The arborists then answered a host of wonderful questions from the audience.

Tree History Made and History Remembered

Nan Marie O'Hara watches as Mark McClellen and Roger Ditmer measure one of the Neptune trees.

Five local arborists, Roger Ditmer, Don Gardner, Mark McClellan, Jerry Holcomb and Michael Pavlis, joined Golden Isles Fund for Trees (GIFT) in celebration of Georgia Arbor Week.

McClellan and Holcomb measured two historic live oak trees that have shaded the picnic area of the Casino for generations. GIFT sponsored a "Guess the Girth" contest, with prizes awarded to those who came closest to guessing  the circumference of each of the two trees. The larger of the two trees measured 20 feet 9 inches in circumference. 

McClellan, a regional specialist with the Georgia Forestry Commission, estimated it was 300 to 315 years old. The tree, when registered, will be named Neptune Small after the former Retreat Plantation slave who, as a freedman, owned the property now known as Neptune Park. 

 A second and slightly smaller tree was also measured and was 15 feet 5 inches in circumference, with an estimated age of 280 years. This tree will be name Ila Small after Neptune's wife. The two trees will be registered with the Live Oak Society of the Louisiana Garden Club Federation.