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Glynn NeighborWoods

Concept drawing of the new barrier

Dunbar Creek---How One Neighborhood Solved a Problem Using Trees. 

The Dunbar Creek Homeowner’s Association recently found themselves with a dilemma.

There had always been a natural barrier between Dunbarton Drive In Dunbar Creek and Ash Street in the Glynn Haven area. However, the barrier property was recently sold and the barrier was removed to make way for 6 new homes. This was complicated by the fact that Ash Street runs parallel to Dunbarton Drive and is only 40 feet away. The site plan was approved with no requirement for a buffer.

The Dunbar Creek HOA appointed a Tree Committee to study the issue, raise funds and decide how to create a new barrier. The committee included Jim Fraser, David and Linda Usrey, Bobby and Karen Young, Ed Craighill, Barbara Pelletier and Paul Lockyer. David Hainley, Community Development Director agreed to develop a landscape plan.

The general plan was to keep as much existing vegetation as possible. It was also necessary to create an irrigation system, which was accomplished by connecting two existing homeowner’s irrigation systems that draw water from the community lake, adding a new controller and pipes and sprinkler heads in barrier area.

The landscape plan called for 54 Murray Cypress trees,17 Saw Palmettos and 5 Anise Bushes. These supplemented several  existing Wax Myrtles and an Oak tree.

Future plans  are to put down wet newspaper to control weed growth and cover that with pine straw.

We applaud the Dunbar Creek HOA for using trees to create a natural barrier. This helps stormwater runoff as well as providing habitat for wildlife and all the other health benefits trees bring to a community.