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​Consult  An Arborist To Save Your Trees 

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GIFT recommends that you consult with an arborist before removing trees that are not a clear hazard and to evaluate potential hazards.  Arborists can help you determine if trees need to be removed or how to save a special tree in your landscape.  Arborists can also recommend replacement planting for diseased trees or trees lost during the recent storms.

An arborist is a professional certified by the ISA (International Society of Arboriculture).  Arborists come to your property and create a plan to remove risky trees, save damaged trees and replace downed trees

 Arborists provide:  


Tree Assessment and Risk Management


Tree Selection, Installation and Establishment

Tree Construction and Preservation Practices

Pruning and Diagnosis of Disorders

Tree Inventories

Tree Mitigation Planning

 Soil and Tree Injection Treatments

Treatments for Insect and Disease


Three certified arborists practice in Glynn County

Roger Ditmer

ISA Certified Arborist

The Tree Guy,LLC


​Jerry Holcomb, Consulting Arborist

ISA Certified Arborist


E-mail Jharborist@coastalnow.net

Michael Pavlis

ISA Certified Arborist

Ossabaw COnsulting,LLC


E-Mail ossabawconsulting@gmail.com

Website:  www.ossabawconsulting.com
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/ossabawconsulting