In celebration of Georgia Arbor Week, GIFT and The Marshes of Glynn Libraries presented "A Year in the Life of a Tree." A panel discussed when and how to plant ,prune and care for trees throughout the calendar year.  Panel participants were MIke Pavlis, an ISA certified arborist, Alex Ballard,Georgia Forestry Commission, Resa Dollar and Anne Ditmer, landscape professionals.  The program included a live demonstration of correct planting and pruning techniques.

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For the fourth straight year during Georgia Arbor week, GIFT Board members and volunteers visited two elementary school's 3rd grade classes, conducting indoor and outdoor activities to learn about trees.  Indoors, the students asked and answered questions about the value of trees in their lives. They completed worksheets with puzzles and word finders related to trees. They also listened to a reading of The Lorax.

GIFT Celebrates Georgia Arbor Day

GIFT Board member Miriam Lancaster,far right, introduces the panel. From left, Mike Pavlis, Resa Dollar, Alex Ballard, Anne Ditmer

As an outside activity, the students each planted a sapling in a pot to take home to plant and care for. The students were assisted by Jeffrey Johns and the Coastal Greenery staff, who also supplied the saplings and planting material. The students learned additional information about caring for their trees.


Our ​mission​​ is to provide for the preservation and improvement of the tree canopy in Glynn County through the planting and replacement of trees, education and advocacy.

Our vision is to unite residents, property owners, the business community, local governments and environmental professionals to advance our mission.          

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A Year in the Life of a Tree

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GIFT Visits 3rd Grades to Plant Saplings